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Nick Davies Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

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Anxiety/Panic Attacks


Childhood Trauma

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Fears or Phobias

Psychosomatic Ilness

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Eating Disorders



Pain Control



Sexual Problems


Common Conditions/Issues Treated

Stop Smoking*

Weight Loss/Gastric Band*

Sports Performance

Life Coaching

Career/Business Coaching


Self Esteem


Faster Learning

Exam Nerves

Interview Nerves

Public Speaking




Early/Past Life Regression

'Law of Attraction' (LOA)

*Stop Smoking - Experts agree that smoking is the single biggest cause of cancer in the world, around half of current smokers will be killed by their habit if they continue to smoke and 25-40% of smokers will die in middle age. Smoking causes even more deaths from other respiratory diseases and heart conditions than from cancer. (Cancer Research UK). You are 3 times more likely to succeed with hypnotherapy than a nicotine replacement therapy such as patches and 5 times more likely to succeed than with will-power alone.*


I use a variety of techniques including Hypnosis, NLP and my BLAST Technique® (dependant on the individual) to treat the conscious and unconscious parts of this habit , leaving you free to enjoy a healthy life, reinforced daily by listening to the free CD.


Investment: £250 for one session (90 minutes approx.), includes a free "I've Quit Smoking" CD and a free top-up session within 6 months (if required).


*References - Elliot Wald, Tami J Eggelston PhD & Fredrick Gibbson PhD, "Cognitive reactions to smoking relapse", New Scientist, vol 136, pp6. Posted from Josephine Teague, Research Director on 07/09/2002.


Review - "I have been a smoker for over 15 years. I have had my session with Nick and I have not even thought about a cigarette. Fantastic!"

Michael Cox - Coventry



*Weight Loss & Hypnotic Gastric Band - "A minority medical condition 50 years ago, the prevalence of obesity is now such that it is regarded as a major public health issue and listed as a priority by senior government ministers. Obesity is linked to a number of illnesses and reduced lifespan and the government is keen to reduce the prevalence of obesity among the population. Obesity is one of the biggest health challenges we face."


Our 4 session programme firstly targets the unconscious functioning of your mind; the triggers that cause you to overeat, looking at and resolving self sabotage and emotional/deeper rooted causes for your weight gain. In our third session I will install a "Hypnotic Gastric Band" (You can book this on its own for £200 - one hour session including installation) giving suggestions from anaesthetic to the full operation, this will make you to feel fuller more quickly and stop you from eating the quantities of food you used to therefore allowing you to shed weight quickly.


Your Investment is £550 for four 1hr sessions and includes 4 free Hypnotherapy CDS, three for weight loss and one to boost your confidence in order to continue losing weight and feel more confident about yourself. Contact me now to begin your journey.


Review - "Over the years I have tried every diet going, but I could not control my weight, it controlled me! In 4 easy, comfortable sessions with Nick I understood the roote cause of my problem and how to get the balance back. Having the  magical  gastric band was the final step, and it worked immediately. I went home after my final session and ate less than half of my usual portion of dinner and that is how it has been ever since. I can eat what I want, there are no banned foods and can even have just one biscuit and be satisfied. Just 2  months later I am already feeling much healthier and  well  over a stone slimmer. It has been no effort so far either, I just listen to my body and stop eating when I am full."

Lorraine - Coventry